Music Festivals

Have you got the tent? Did you remember all the polls this time? And you remembered the wellies? And you’ve got enough supplies to last out the weekend? Good, then I think we might just be ready to hit the festival circuit! Over the last few years music festivals have undergone a startling transformation; for years they were the roaming ground of failed hippies and jobless wannabee’s, now they are the place to be seen, and to see the best music of the time. Following on from Glastonbury, Leeds and Reading’s success, there are now a plethora of different festivals up and down the country which cater to all ages and to all music tastes. This website aims to give you an insight into a few of the most popular and the most interesting.

If you are a little bit squeamish about conditions then you needn’t worry, things have come on leaps and bounds in recent years. There are toilets, showers and, at some festivals, even pampering tents where you can blow-dry and straighten your hair in order to achieve the highest level of artistic dishevelment before you slope off to see another band. There are many possibilities with tents as well, from small ones to large, spacious ones and even new advents such as Tepees coming in vogue which offer even more space and mean you won’t have to try and wriggle into your skinny jeans or leggings whilst rolling around on a slowly deflating airbed. With festivals now becoming big business, organisers are latching on to the fact that they can attract a new wave of people by offering slightly more comfort. Obviously, you don’t want it to be too comfortable, that’s part of the whole festival experience, but at least you won’t be crippled by Monday morning when you set back off to civilisation.

Lots of people sit back and watch festivals on T.V., thinking they are getting a better experience. They couldn’t be more wrong; if you’ve never experienced a music festival then it is very hard to comprehend just how profound and amazing an experience it is. The music, the people, the setting; with the very best festivals everything just comes together to create an experience which people will remember for the rest of the year until they return to do it again and again. So, come on, take a risk, get yourself a bit muddy and don’t forget to dance.